Fairy Films: Wee Folk on the Big Screen

Since their inception, motion pictures have brought fantastic imagery to life, mining mythology and folklore to entertain audiences worldwide. As a staple of fantasy, fairies received attention almost immediately, and their influence on the art form has never truly waned. Even into the modern era, filmmakers draw upon the themes of fairy lore, perhaps unknowingly.

Quaint children’s tales of whimsical, benevolent sprites belie a rich tradition of complex, magical beings sharing our reality, entities whose very existence may have some root in fact. In this groundbreaking collection of essays by leading thinkers in their fields, editor Joshua Cutchin reveals how this ancient body of folklore infuses multiple genres of contemporary cinema.



Wren Collier, Joshua Cutchin, Susan Demeter, Patrick Dugan, David Floyd, Ph.D., Jack Hunter, Ph.D., Allison Jornlin, James P. Nettles, Neil Rushton, Ph.D., Mark Anthony Wyatt, Simon Young, Ph.D.

About the author

Joshua has appeared on a wide variety of paranormal programs discussing his work, including Coast to Coast AM, Mysterious Universe, Binnall of America, Expanded Perspectives, Radio Misterioso, and the Gralien Report. He is the author of five books: 2015’s A Trojan Feast: The Food and Drink Offerings of Aliens, Faeries, and Sasquatch (translated into Spanish as Banquete Troyano); 2016’s The Brimstone Deceit: An In-Depth Examination of Supernatural Scents, Otherworldly Odors, & Monstrous Miasmas; 2018’s Thieves in the Night: A Brief History of Supernatural Child Abductions; and 2020’s Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon, Volumes I & II, with Timothy Renner.

You can find more about Joshua at joshuacutchin.com

Publisher: August Night Press
Published Summer 2022
ISBN 978-1-78677-183-4