We are looking for well-written, original works of non-fiction on a broad range of anomalistic topics including UFOs, cryptozoology, consciousness, and the paranormal. We will also occasionally re-issue books that are out-of-print, if we like them.

We are not a vanity publisher and we don’t charge our authors, but neither do we have deep pockets, so advances are not usually paid. But we do pay our authors royalties of up to 30% of net income and we account quarterly.

We will assist you out the gate with PR, arranging as many interviews and reviews as possible, but it helps tremendously if you have your own online presence and are willing to promote yourself through social media platforms. The more Internet-friendly you are, the better.

If you think we'd like your book, send us an email with a short proposal and a brief bio. If we are interested in your submission, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you.