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New book explains the subtleties of paranormal studies

AVAILABLE NOW Across the globe and through time, diverse cultures have developed elaborate systems for understanding and interacting with strange forces and invisible beings. Since the nineteenth century anthropologists have theorised about the nature of the extraordinary experiences and beliefs recounted to them by their fieldwork informants, at home and abroad. New from August Night Press, Dr. Jack Hunter's Spirits, Gods and Magic is an essential introductory guide to the anthropology of the supernatural. Concise and easy to navigate, the book features chapters on a broad range of practices and phenomena, from ghosts, spirits, gods and demons, to shamanism and spirit possession, magic and witchcraft, and psychical research and parapsychology. With a Foreword by anthropologist Dr. Fiona Bowie and an Afterword by parapsychologist Dr. David Luke, the book makes an important contribution to inter-disciplinary paranormal studies and is an essential addition to the library

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