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Budd Hopkins Classics Back in Print

August Night Press is delighted to announce the publication of two classic titles by the late Budd Hopkins, pioneering investigator of alien abduction phenomena. Hopkins' Missing Time and Intruders both will be available for the first time in decades from April 20, 2021 in paperback and eBook formats. Missing Time Originally published in 1981, Missing Time was the first focused study of an enigma that would captivate the world and challenge our understanding of the universe. The influence of Missing Time was such that its title is now deeply embedded into the lexicon of UFO studies—synonymous with that most controversial and troubling of topics: alien abduction. At the time of its writing, Hopkins could not have predicted the impact of Missing Time , not only within UFOlogy, but in popular culture worldwide. The facts, stories, and theories presented by Hopkins laid the foundation for the first mainstream debates surrounding reports of human encounters with small, grey-skin

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